Centre d’affaires étudiant Desjardins

The CAED’s mission is to raise awarness of Cavelier-De LaSalle students about entrepreneurship and cooperation and to help them develop entrepreneurial skills.

 The CAED:

  • Organizes activities on entrepreneuship and cooperation.

  • Help sutdents develop entrepreneurial projects.

  • Offers support to school staff wishing to organize entrepreneurial activities with the students.

The CAED provides support and tools to teachers and students wishing to develop entrepreneurial projects. Visit the section Media (Press review) to see the achievements of the students or visit our Facebook page. The CAED also guides students with the desire to start their business.
Below are examples of activities:

  • Entrepreneurial rallye on Dollard Avenue

  • Contest

  • Virtual cooperative rallye

  • Company visits

  • Speakers

For more information:
Cynthia Collette
514 595-2044 #6289


Local: A-101-1
(next to the nurse’s office)