École du milieu LaSalle

Another way to pursue your studies

Do you want to go back to school but not in a regular school?
L’École du milieu is for you!

L’École du milieu is not really a school. It’s a place intended for a group of approximately fifteen young adults aged between 18-35 years old from Montreal South-West, so that they can continue their secondary education. It’s a place where you will learn to learn and where, together, we will find the strategies to ensure your success.

As a part of the Sociovocational integration program – adult general education (ISFGA) at the Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (CREP), you will have the opportunity to pursue your studies at your own pace and therefore maximize your chances of success. Personal development workshops will allow you to discover yourself and achieve your potential. You will also have access to an on-site teacher and to personal and academic coaching.

You will be supported by volunteers who believe in you as well as a team of counsellors to support you in your accomplishments. L’École du milieu is located in the premises of the Carrefour jeunesse emploi LaSalle which allows you access to the services provided by the employment counselors and a computer lab. In addition, an entrepreneurial and cooperative component is integrated into the program so you can, as a group, develop a mobilizing project.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aged between 18 and 35 years old
  • Not currently in school
    (the school is intended for dropouts)
  • Not working full-time
    (the schedule is 25 hours/week)

For more information or to register:
Marie Pier Trudeau
514 368-1832

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